The 4th Edition of MicroMUTEK.ES Closes on a High Note

New venues and formats, sold-out performances and workshops, and a steady rise in attendance point to a successful edition

February 14, 2013
The 4th Edition of MicroMUTEK.ES Closes on a High Note

Registering some 5,000 attendees and 90 national and international accredited journalists this year, the festival notably ventured into new venue Estación de Francia, which served as a perfect venue for the festival’s audiovisual performance series. Considered by many to be the performance highlight of this edition, Laurel Halo’s memorable psychedelic presentation conceived especially for MUTEK.ES started off a week of audiovisual performances in the Estación de Francia’s Station Barcelona room, including electrifying presentations by Raime and Kuedo, as well as artists Alba G Corral and Le Révélateur, who performed in a double-bill that highlighted the festival’s mandate to reinforce ties between Quebec and Catalunya.

A captive audience was treated to nighttime programming that was entirely sold-out, with highlights from Jon Hopkins, who presented stunning material from his new album, a long-awaited live appearance by The Mole, who’s extended 2-hour set rang-in carnival weekend, as well as the 5.1 surround sound of Monolake, which resonated through the well-known halls of the Sala Apollo. Local Marc Piñol stood out with a slow, slick, dark set that set the stage perfectly for the obscure and abstract sounds of Vessel, who brought the Nitsa to a boil. And of course, Jeff Mills brought the festival to a climatic close through nearly 5 hours of continuous, solo performance, presenting his new album Jungle Planet as a world premiere at the Sala Apolo. Over on the RBMA stage in the 2nd room, Clip!, Nautiluss, and Cardopusher provided an alternative sound to Mills’ journey, ending up in a back-to-back improv set between the latter two performers.

Headquartered this year at the Convent de Sant Augusti, the festival bolstered its professional activities through talks and workshops that were all well attended. The Sound Design and Sampling workshop presented by RBMA and Microfusa and hosted by Deadbeat and Monolake in particular broke all previous daytime attendance records, taking the packed room on over 3 hours of discussion and exchange on music production. An increased number of visitors from out of town, as well as a captive local audience enjoyed the stunning ambiance of the Convent de Sant Augusti, a historical building who’s unique architecture created a vibrant festival meeting ground and also housed the first installations ever to be presented at the festival. Presented over 4 days, this series of interactive installations by mostly local artists assembled works such as Alvaro Muñozledo and Saulo Pisa’s “The Pendulum”, Boris Chimp 504’s “Non Human Device #01”, and the “Gengen Visual & Musical Generative Instrument” by Daniel González Franco, Rocio Marquez, Javier Guajardo. The installations drew steady visits from festivalgoers and families alike, and, along with the well-attended Experience workshop program and marketplace event on the festival Saturday ensured a real vitality for the festival’s daytime events.

The festival organizers are extremely satisfied with the results of this 4th edition, which consolidated the event’s reputation as an incubator and international platform for local creativity. A heartfelt thank you is extended to all participating artists, partners and sponsors, festivalgoers, and especially to the team of 8 dedicated volunteers that made the event possible.

Stay tuned as MUTEK.ES announces a special event at the ElectroSnow festival in Andorra this Easter, its next round of one-off Soirée MUTEK.ES events at the Nitsa Club, as well as a renewed collaboration with Piknic Electronik Barcelona this summer. And see you at the 5th edition of MicroMUTEK.ES in February 2014!


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