Micro_MUTEK.ES 2013 Full Program Announcement

4th edition caps program with a daytime program filled with artist talks, workshops, interactive installations, and a marketplace.

January 17, 2013
Micro_MUTEK.ES 2013 Full Program Announcement

Running February 6 – 9, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain, Micro_MUTEK.ES 2013 will present 23 artists/projects from 9 different nationalities, including 5 premieres (Jon Hopkins (UK) – new live set; Jeff Mills presents ¨Jungle Planet¨(US) – Spain premiere; Monolake A/V Surround (DE), Kuedo & MFO (UK) and Vessel (UK) – Barcelona premieres), reflecting the organization’s mission to propose original and diverse content and programming that explores different contexts and artistic practices in digital creativity.

The daytime DIGI_SECTION daytime conference comes to round out the festival’s nighttime program, stimulating dialogue and exchange by inviting performing artists to take part in artist talks, as well as providing panels and discussions with invited industry professionals. Taking place within the festival HQ, the Convent Sant Augusti, and as always presented free of charge to the general public, this year’s edition of DIGI_SECTION sees its activities embellished by a series of interactive installations from local artists. Foucault’s pendulum gets an updated, digital version through Alvaro Muñozledo and Saulo Pisa’s (MX) “The Pendulum”, a suspended light source that reacts to audiovisual stimuli. The user becomes the source of both sound and visuals with “Gengen Visual & Musical Generative Instrument” by Daniel González Franco, Rocio Marquez, Javier Guajardo (ES); by stepping up to a special sensor and moving one’s arms in any which way, participants become conductors of a symphony of generated sound & image. A MIDI controller gives further control to modify advanced A/V parameters of the symphony they’re generating. Return MUTEK.ES collaborators, Boris Chimp 504 (PT) round out the installation series with their “Non Human Device #01”, based on a live performance they will present during the festival’s Experience program. The installation invites the public to create audiovisual signals by interacting with a touch-activated “non human machine interface”.

Two workshops are presented within the DIGI_SECTION this year. On the festival’s opening day, Wednesday February 6th, Alvaro Muñozledo (MX) gives a workshop on “Circuito Electrovisiones” a platform decidated to exploring the role of technology in digital art and experimentation founded in Mexico in 2008, and which has produced over 200 performances/activities with artists from Mexico, Spain, Chile, Canada, and Germany.

The following day, Thursday February 7th, Red Bull Music Academy and microFusa present: Sound Design and Sampling in the Age of Endless Possibilty by Deadbeat (CA) and Monolake (DE). The artists will explore their methods and philosophies concerning sound design and related topics, discussion how, a time when we have so many tools, methods, and materials at our disposal, we can overcome a very real “option paralysis” and get down to business of actually making music. Limited to 60 participants, advanced registration is recommended via microFusa Barcelona’s institute for Sound and Image Production: http://microfusaformacion.com/audio/taller-robert-henke-aka-monolake-deadbeat

Back again this year, Struments Radio co-presents artist Q&A sessions, from Wednesday Feb 6 through Friday Feb 8th. Kicking off each festival day at 5pm, the Q&As will host performing artists Nautiluss (CA), Vessel (UK), The Mole (CA), Dewalta (CA), Clip! (ES) and Cardopusher (VL). This year’s DIGI_SETION also includes a panel organized by return collaborator TravellingAroundMusic, on Friday February 8th. Entitled “Networked Festivals: Roles, Opportunities, and Benefits of Working within Networks”- Moderated by Anna Mastrolitto (TravellingAroundMusic) and Tino Carreño (Profesor UB Programa Gestion Cultural) the panel discusses the strategies and potential existing in the growing phenomenon of festival networks, drawing on experiences from Alain Mongeau (MUTEK; Montreal / ICAS), Taïca Replansky (CTM; Berlin / ICAS), Cristian Pascual (In-Edit.Beefeater; Barcelona), Alberto Guijarro (Primavera Sound; Barcelona), Carols Durán Baste (Screen-Loop; Barcelona), and David Loscos (Tenzingmedia; Barcelona).

Rounding out the night time events, two of the mist representative DJs of Barcelona´s club scene, Marc Piñol [ES] and Kosmos [ES] who perform at Nocturne 2 and 3 respectively, in Nitsa Club. For the first time together in a festival, the catalan sound alchemist d.Forma [Es] and visual artist Alba G. Corral  will fill new venue Station Barcelona for the A/Visions 2 event with their organic sounds (from field recordings) and digital abstract landscapes generated in real time.

The festival’s daytime events will be capped by two events on Saturday February 9th. A professional marketplace invites the public to meet with local labels such as Struments Records, Discontinu Records and Bankrobber, as well as organizations working in audiovisual arts and digital technologies, such as Barcelona’s microclima. This same day, the Experience showcase assembles presentations/performances of the previously-mentioned installation “Gengen Visual & Musical Generative Instrument” by its creators, as well as of Alba Corral‘s (ES) “aPitagoras”, a free Art App which creates concentric circles at the user’s touch. The interactive app allows the user to make their own wallpaper for their mobile device. Boris Chimp 504’s Miguel Neto & Rodrigo Carvalho (PT), will discuss how their project began, and delve into their creative process via their “Boris, Who?” talk, while Deezer present their web-based music streaming service.

During the festival itself, a selection of daytime events will once again be livestreamed through return partner Struments Radio. Stay tuned via the following sites and outlets for more information:
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/MutekSpain
Twitter page: http://www.twitter.com/mutek_es

To purchase tickets, and for program updates check the MUTEK.ES website: http://www.mutek.es
or via Ticketea.com - http://www.ticketea.com/entradas-micro-mutek-barcelona

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