MUTEK 2011 Begins Today!

June 01, 2011
MUTEK 2011 Begins Today!

At long last, we've arrive to the starting line! The next five days are going to be a marathon journey through the world of digital arts and electronic music. All over the globe, theMUTEKname has become synonymous with groundbreaking live performances by the most adventurous talents contemporary electronic music has to offer, and this edition is no exception.

As has become the standard, MUTEK2011 is once again about presenting an argument for possible directions in the future of music. Over 95% of our carefully selected participants will be playing live, and every single one of them has been selected to suit thematically cultivated showcases. Among those are 8 world premieres, 10 North American premieres, and 9 Canadian premieres.

To get you started, here is a complete listing of the first two days of music. Make sure to pick up a catalogue or download our custom iPhone app.


Metro Arts 1
In collaboration with STM
4:30pm | Metro Berri UQAM| Free

Local UK funky/garage producer BOWLY performs for an unsuspecting rush-hour audience of transit commuters at one of the busiest stations in the Montreal metro system!

Experience 1 - BREAK THAT BEAT
Presented by Bande à part, in collaboration with
5pm | Place de la Paix | Free
FOODLAB invited chef: MARTIN JUNEAU (Newtown)

Dedicated to emerging local turntablists and breaks practitioners, we kickstart the evening of programming with a quintessentially Montréalais tradition: the 5 à 7! On the bill: MATH ROSEN, DJ BRACE, and KENLO CRAQNUQUES.

Roland Pre Nocturne Event
Presented by Roland
7pm | Society for Arts and Technology | Free

Come participate in a fun, interactive evening and see who will win 1st place in the Roland Synthesizer Contest. Try a synthesizer yourself in the Roland Synth Garden and enjoy special performances byPOIRIERand FMRADIO GODS. Draw for door prizes.

8pm | Salle Pierre-Mercure | $25 + tx & sc

A showcase that explores the intersection between granular synthesis, fabrications of light and image, and the beauty of inherent rhythm and repetition. Bristol duo EMPTYSET applies a deep undercurrent of dubstep bass to the abrasion of digital white noise. Finland's legendary MIKA VAINIO, former-half of pioneering industrial minimalists Pan Sonic, makes his MUTEK debut with an all-new live audio-visual concert. Finally, Elektra Festival founder Alain Thibault and visual artist Yan Breuleux make their MUTEK debut as PURFORM. The pair will perform an original digital composition called WHITE BOX, featuring a massive three-screen multi-sensory display.

Presented by Ubisoft
10pm | Métropolis | $30 + tx & sc

The manifestations of electronic storytelling have taken on countless roles ever since sampling became part of music culture in the early-80s. This showcase highlights the handful of talents within sampling culture who fearlessly push the boundaries of the break into unrecognizable territory. Middle Eastern bass veteran BADAWI drafts exotic drum patterns and aural textures onto next-level rhythms. Up-and coming British producer GOLD PANDA delivers his bright and angular blend of hip-hop, IDM and bass culture. Finally, Ninja Tune royalty AMON TOBIN offers the world premiere ofISAM, his first-ever live performance featuring an enormous stage set-up that promises otherworldly experiences.

Totally Design
In collaboration with UQAM Centre for Design
10pm |UQAMCentre for Design | $15 regular, $10 student

THE MOLE and DJ POONTZ lead us through a thematic evening of music appreciation, inspired by The Mole's "7 Inches of Love" label, which is based upon the re-appropriation of bygone disco music to first appear on 7-inch vinyl, delivered once again, reworked, and re-edited, on vinyl.


Metro Arts 2
In collaboration with STM
4:30pm | Metro BerriUQAM| Free

Local intelligent-techno experimenters THE GULF STREAM perform for an unsuspecting rush-hour audience of transit commuters at one of the busiest stations in the Montreal metro system!

Experience 2 - TAKING THE PULSE
Presented by Bande à part, in collaboration with
5pm | Place de la Paix | Free

Once again, we kickstart the evening of programming with the 5 à 7, this time convening around the more complex and adventurous aspects of the local techno scene: MEEK, XAVIER LEBUIS, and SINTEG.


8pm | Salle Pierre-Mercure | $25 + tx & sc

A/Visions 2 offers a journey through the ethereal attractions of classical textures and three-dimensional visions. SETH HORVITZ (aka SUTEKH) returns to MUTEK this year to present an entirely new side of his musical persona: studies in automated piano. The national debut of COMADUSTER's powerful piece "Scrape" evokes both stark digital soundscapes and the dark elegance of minimal techno. Mexican ambient-techno producer MURCOF delivers his supple blend of cutting-edge rhythms and Arvo Pärt string textures to a special collaboration with Simon Geilfus of ANTIVJ, who will be working with three massive screens to create a three-dimensional cosmos.

In collaboration with FACT
10pm | Métropolis | $30 + tx & sc

A night of bass in all its wide-ranging permutations! MODESELEKTOR bring their hotly anticipated Modeselektion night to the Metropolis. The "no holds barred" German duo will be DJing alongside their selected guests, including mysterious industrial-dubstep duo ANSTAM, New York garage revivalist FALTYDL, Montreal bass producer JACQUES GREENE, and high-end electro maven SIRIUSMO. Visuals by Pfadfinderei and Diagraf.

Meanwhile in the Savoy Room, we present a showcase of emerging Canadian techno, featuring Thoughtless Music's ARTHUR OSKAN, BILLY DALESSANDRO,MATEO MURPHY and GROJ. Visuals by Crazy Tapis.

Co-presented by SAT
10pm | Society for Arts and Technology | $20 + tx & sc

Running in parallel to Modeselektion at the Metropolis, the SAT offers a line-up of bleary eyed, off-kilter electronic cultists drifting from over-radiated soul music to analog-synth space travel. Local duo SUNDRIPS opens the night. Expansive in scope, ARP's sonic landscape unfolds like a collection of short stories or filmic vignettes, each piece building upon the other. The sound and projections of ORGAN MOOD are influenced by the various electronic instruments they've gathered and interconnected: a beatbox, synth and sequencer support a farfisa organ. Finally, HYPE WILLIAMS trade in half-life soul, delivering an extreme lo-fi production that sounds as it was recorded directly onto corroded tape. SUN ARAW draws together influences as varied as 80's era space-rock, afro-beat, and the underbelly of 70's fold rock.

Visit the festival website for a full listing of events. 

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