MUTEK 2011 Main Program Now Online

A day-by-day overview of the festivals main events

May 03, 2011
MUTEK 2011 Main Program Now Online

The full MUTEK 2011 program, including free events and the DIGI_SECTION conference series will be announced on May 11th. For now, here is a day-by-day look at the main festival trajectory.


Wednesday, June 1st

8pm | Salle Pierre-Mercure | $25 + tx & sc

A showcase that explores the intersection between granular synthesis, fabrications of light and image, and the beauty of inherent rhythm and repetition. Bristol duoEMPTYSETapplies a deep undercurrent of dubstep bass to the abrasion of digital white noise. Finland’s legendaryMIKAVAINIO, former-half of pioneering industrial minimalists Pan Sonic, makes hisMUTEKdebut with an all-new live audio-visual concert. Finally, Elektra Festival founder Alain Thibault and visual artist Yan Breuleux make their MUTEK debut as PURFORM. The pair will perform an original digital composition calledWHITEBOX, featuring a massive three-screen multi-sensory display.

10pm | Métropolis | $30 + tx & sc

The manifestations of electronic storytelling have taken on countless roles ever since sampling became part of music culture in the early-80s. This showcase highlights the handful of talents within sampling culture who fearlessly push the boundaries of the break into unrecognizable territory. Middle Eastern bass veteran BADAWI drafts exotic drum patterns and aural textures onto next-level rhythms. Up-and-coming British producer GOLDPANDA delivers his bright and angular blend of hip-hop, IDM and bass culture. Finally, Ninja Tune royalty AMONTOBIN offers the world premiere of ISAM, his first-ever live performance featuring an enormous stage set-up that promises otherworldly experiences.


Thursday, June 2nd

8pm | Salle Pierre-Mercure | $25 + tx & sc

A/Visions 2 offers a journey through the ethereal attractions of classical textures and three-dimensional visions.SETHHORVITZ(akaSUTEKH) returns toMUTEKthis year to present an entirely new side of his musical personal studies in automated piano. The national debut of COMADUSTER’s powerful piece “Scrape” evokes both stark digital soundscapes and the dark elegance of minimal techno. Mexican ambient-techno producer MURCOF delivers his supple blend of cutting-edge rhythms and Arvo Pärt string textures to a special collaboration with Simon Geilfus of ANTIVJ, who will be working with three massive screens to create a three-dimensional cosmos.

10pm | Métropolis | $30 + tx & sc

A night of bass in all its wide-ranging permutations! MODESELEKTOR bring their hotly anticipated Modeselektion night to the Metropolis. The “no holds barred” German duo will be DJing alongside their selected guests, including mysterious industrial-dubstep duo ANSTAM, New York garage revivalistFALTYDL, Montreal bass producer JACQUESGREENE, and high-end electro maven SIRIUSMO.

Meanwhile in the Savoy Room, we present a showcase of emerging Canadian techno, featuring Thoughtless Music’s ARTHUROSKAN, BILLYDALESSANDRO, MATEO MURPHY and GROJ.

SAT | 10pm | $20 + tx & sc

Running in parallel to Modeselektion at the Metropolis, theSAToffers a line-up of bleary eyed, off-kilter electronic cultists drifting from over-radiated soul music to analog-synth space travel. Local duo SUNDRIPS opens the night. Expansive in scope, ARP’s sonic landscape unfolds like a collection of short stories or filmic vignettes, each piece building upon the other. The sound and projections of ORGANMOOD are influenced by the various electronic instruments they’ve gathered and interconnected: a beatbox, synth and sequencer support a farfisa organ. Finally, HYPEWILLIAMS trade in half-life soul, delivering an extreme lo-fi production that sounds as it was recorded directly onto corroded tape. SUNARAW draws together influences as varied as 80’s era space-rock, afro-beat, and the underbelly of 70’s fold rock.


Friday, June 2nd

A/Visions 3 – FAB GADGETS
8pm | Salle Pierre-Mercure | $25 + tx & sc

Multimedia arts reign supreme for this third installment of the A/Visions series, where two of today’s most exciting technological manipulators unleash their talents within one of the most forward-thinking spaces in North America! Identical, interchangeable, disposable, and mortally serious, locals WOMEN WITH KITCHEN APPLIANCESis variously a sound project, a rock group, a cabaret, a performance collective, an improvisation, an infiltration, an intervention, an installation, a concert, a cacophony, and recipe, and since the spring of 2004, a kitchen certification service. American digital artistTRISTANPERICHexplores the intersection between randomness, order, and composition with a series of machine wall drawings. British duo SCULPTURE create home-made zoetropic discs – slabs of vinyl illustrated with otherworldly patterns that they play at various speeds and then film to create simultaneous cycles of analogue sound and looping, mind-melting imagery.

11pm | Métropolis | Price TBA

The most coveted names in techno take over the Metropolis for what is expected to be a deep and echo-heavy evening. Detroit dub-techno duo DEEPCHORD presents ECHOSPACE arrives for a rare Montreal appearance. Industrial-strength techno veteran Adam X will be on hand to take us through his TRAVERSABLE WORMHOLE. Finally,MUTEKis incredibly proud to present PLASTIKMAN LIVE on home turf, a concert that constitutes the Canadian premiere of the highly prized audio-visual performance Hawtin originally envisioned for his debut live performance at MUTEK 2004.

Meanwhile, in the Savoy Room we present a line-up of homegrown dub-techno and bass producers on the verge of breaking through: TOMASJIRKU, KOMODO, SKINNYBONES and XI.


Saturday, June 4th

2pm | Parc Jean-Drapeau | $10 + tx & sc

The most leftfield elements of house music converge for this Saturday afternoon outdoor showcase at Parc Jean-Drapeau! Montreal’s THE GULFSTREAM gets the afternoon underway. Border Community and Ninja Tune recording artist LUKE ABBOTT weaves strange analog sounds into a convulsive and highly rhythmic template designed to move your feet. Young British producer FLOATING POINTS pulls house music into the space-time continuum of soulful disco. The veteran producer TERRY LEE BROWN Jr. tackles Chicago house flavours from a decidedly Teutonic perspective.

8pm | SAT | FREE

A special evening presented in partnership with the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) and Ville Design de Montréal dedicated to the relationship between Berlin, Montreal, and Buenos Aires as three of the first cities to be named UNESCO Cities of Design. Argentine audio-visual collective SOL DEL RIO get proceedings underway, followed by the North American premiere of a new collaboration between Canadian dub-techno producer DEADBEAT and German video artis tLILLEVAN. Berlin’s dub-techno pioneer POLE returns to Montreal for his first MUTEK appearance in six years. The evening then crescendos toward its finale with the digital cumbia of Argentina’s CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO.

11pm | Métropolis | $35 + tx & sc

Nocturne 4, the central showpiece of theMUTEKexperience returns once again to take festivalgoers right through the night! This year’s theme is both edgier and more organic than previous outings, with an emphasis on live-electronics and genre fusion. STEPHEN BEAUPRÉ featuring the BANJO CONSORTIUM warms up the crowd with their high-end brand of funky micro-house. UK jazzy house fusionists ROCKETNUMBERNINE delve into their locked groove rhythms before being joined onstage by FOUR TET for an improvisational jam. Austrian live-techno trio and Macro recording artists ELEKTRO GUZZI bring precision to the art of the live band, while Border Community boss JAMES HOLDEN takes us to dawn with his unnerving and often psychedelic take on minimal techno.

Meanwhile, in the Savoy Room, Vancouver’s New Forms Festival touches down in Montreal with a showcase featuring the brightest up-and-coming talents from the West Coast: BABERAINBOW, DAEGASOUNDSYSTEM, CALAMALKA, MAX ULIS, MONOLITIUM and MICHAELRED.


Sunday, June 5th

2pm | Parc Jean-Drapeau | $10 + tx & sc

For Piknic 2 this year, we’re trying something new: the curators spontaneously invite guests from the MUTEK 2011 line-up to break out their DJ bags and go to town on an unsuspecting audience!

10pm | SAT | $25 + tx & sc

The grand finale! This year’s Nocturne 5 explores the more original variations of house music, starting in first-class fashion with the world premiere of HORROR INC’s new live show. Japan’s house-music specialist RADIQ arrives at MUTEK for a North American debut. Cobblestone Jazz’s DANUEL TATE steps out from the shadows of his trio for a world-premiere solo performance in support of his Wagon Repair debut album, Mexican Hotbox. Finally, Berlin trio and Perlon recording artists WAREIKA bring their livewire instrumentation to bear on sequences of deep house and techno.

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