Artist Spotlight: Emptyset

April 06, 2011
Artist Spotlight: Emptyset

Bringing the industrial tendencies of Surgeon and the Raster-Noton family to Bristol’s percolating dubstep scene, Emptyset have helped usher in a more clinical and distorted aesthetic into the ever-widening dubstep lexicon. To those in the know, it should come as no surprise that at the duo’s core stands James Ginzburg, an American-born UK transplant at the center of Bristol’s highly regarded Multiverse network of labels. Variously recording as 30Hz, Ginz, The Body Snatchers, and P Dutty, Ginzburg is also the founder of the Vertical Sound label and the co-founder (along with Pinch) of the internationally renowned Tectonic imprint. In Emptyset, Ginzburg and production partner Paul Purgas concoct a riveting crunch of distortion and bass that’s equal parts Teutonic avant-garde and Southwest English street beats, delivering a final package that recalls two-step’s more paranoid and unnerving elements.


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