Q&A with the Wire and Mouse on Mars

Shot on site during MUTEK 2010

March 07, 2011
Q&A with the Wire and Mouse on Mars

Join writer Derek Walmsley of venerable new music magazine The Wire for the first of four intimate conversations with deep careered artists, featuring MOUSE ON MARS.

Since the 1990s, Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma have been fiddling and fusing pop, ambient, funk and club music. Initially affiliated with a wave of pop and postrock artists that included Stereolab, and Seefeel, they gained some traction in America with releases on various indie rock labels. They have remained very much in charge of their own destiny with their wide-ranging label, Sonig, able to buck trends and remain fearless experimentalists.



Shot on site during MUTEK 2010, the four Q&A sessions will be featured over the months leading up to the festival, as a preview to DIGI_SECTION, our professional conference series that makes up an integral part of our festival each year. These remaining sessions will feature MATMOS,Kevin Martinof KING MIDAS SOUNDand THECARETAKER, all musicians whose work and artistry speaks more to intuition, talent, personal conviction and style than trends or expectation.




Interviewer: Derek Walmsley, The Wire
Camera, Sound, Editing: Meg Hewings

Production Coordinator: Patti Schmidt

  • 2010
  • video
  • interview

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