Video Interview with the Marsen Jules Trio

Shot on site during MUTEK 2010

March 01, 2011
Video Interview with the Marsen Jules Trio

An ambient producer who leans toward the emotive classical minimalism of Arvo Pärt and Harold Budd, Dortmund’s Marsen Jules (aka Martin Juhls) builds symphonies out of texture and repetition.

His career began in 2002 with a number of forking ambient aliases intended to explore different facets of the genre: Falter was intended to host dubbier soundscapes, while Krill.Minima grew out of his desire to develop the ambient possibilities of pop and exotica. But it has been as Marsen Jules, his outlet for classically minded ambient, that the Dortmund sound artist has had the greatest impact.






Interview and footage shot during MUTEK 2010 in Montreal.

Interviewer: Lucinda Catchlove
Camera, Sound, Editing: Steven Valin

Production Coordinator: Erin Whittaker

Photo by Caroline Hayeur

  • 2010
  • video
  • interview
  • media arts

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