Full 2010 DIGI_SECTION program announced

Workshops, panels, Q&As and more

May 13, 2010
Full 2010 DIGI_SECTION program announced

It is with great pleasure that MUTEK announces the 2010 edition of DIGI_SECTION, a two-day series of Q&A sessions, panels, and workshops. This year’s professional program takes place on Thursday, June 3rd, and Friday, June 4th, and focuses more than ever before on the creative experience, bringing together the many artists who push the music forward to discuss their creativity, history and aspirations.

In order to better highlight the artistic experience, MUTEK joins forces with venerable UK independent-music magazine THE WIRE to present four in-depth Q&A sessions with several of the most respected veterans in electronic music. Meanwhile, the panels endeavor to highlight the creative issues and personalities currently shaping the international electronic music scene. 

At the same time, the workshops presented in collaboration with technological partners Ableton and Serato bring together the cutting edge in music technology for a series of demonstrations for the newest in hardware and software available to the contemporary producer. 

Finally, Roland presents a special artist showcase complete with a Synth interactive area and prizes, on as a warm up to the Thursday’s Nocturne program.

Please visit the festival website for a full breakdown of this year's DIGI_SECTION events.


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