Final touches for MUTEK Barcelona Edition 11

Francesco Tristano, Molly and ioio complete the performance program

February 12, 2020
Final touches for MUTEK Barcelona Edition 11

Countdown for MUTEK Barcelona 

Francesco Tristano, Molly, ioio complete the program of performances.
All ready for the 11th edition of MUTEK Barcelona Festival that will celebrate the bulk of activities from March 4 to 7 in different spaces of the city,  Fabrica Estrella Damm, Roca Barcelona Gallery, Institut Français, Nitsa / Astin, Bridge_48, Laut, Phonos / Pompeu Fabra University and ABX10; in an edition that stands out for its eagerness to discover, and that presents 35 artists from 11 nationalities, presenting 8 world premieres and 14 debuts in Barcelona.

Final names for # MUTEKES11:

Pianorig session by Francesco Tristano (LU) / Mikel R. Nieto (ES) / Molly (FR) / Dafoe (ES) / JMII (ES) / Kinetic (ES) / Nico (ES)

#MUTEKES11 will be the setting for the presentation of the ‘Pianorig Session by Francesco Tristano’ project by the talented Luxembourgian pianist Francesco Tristano and the Falcon Muse producer. This intimate session (very limited capacity) of his pianorig is an immersive sensory experience emanating from a lively orchestrated sound landscape by Francesco Tristano, which takes place in an intricate amalgam of light and design. The music breathes in harmony with the structure, the pianorig has its own rhythm and calls for interaction with space. Thanks to the already stable collaboration between the Phonos Foundation of UPF and MUTEK.ES, Mikel R. Nieto (ES) arrives presenting Computer Music Studies, a series of works based on digital feedback. Music from machines to machines. The French producer Molly is presented in live format for Nocturne 3; completing the Nocturne series on Nitsa, we will have Dafoe b2b Kinetic, JMII (ES) and Nico (ES).

Casa MUTEK x Reebok

MUTEK and Reebok combine their energy as a motor of change to impulse new creative scenes
Diversity, empowerment, challenge and disruption are some of the main values ​​that Reebok promotes in all its actions; values ​​that are also shared with the festival, for its groundbreaking, creative, unconventional DNA, and for the eagerness to discover new territories from an aesthetic and geographical point of view.

Reebok and MUTEK join their ENERGY, in an annual collaboration, based at the official headquarters of MUTEK.ES in Bridge_48 throughout the year. Together they will carry out the MUTEK x Reebok: Energy Amplified cycle with additional activities after the festival, focused on promoting professionalization by promoting in the short term the development of the artistic career of artists who stand out for a discourse of disruption, empowerment and diversity in their projects . During the festival, Casa MUTEK x Reebok will have a daily schedule of activities.

Opening the festival on Wednesday afternoon, March 4, the MUTEK Match program, is designed to present the festival and to foster interconnectivity between the different industry agents, artists, promoters of the city with their international counterparts who visit Barcelona in the case of MUTEK.

On Thursday 5, the program, presented at Casa MUTEK x Reebok, a series of Q&As with Tomoko Sauvage, Lucinda Chua and Tadleeh; the Talk Barcelona Inside / Out that brings together MIRA, MUTEK.ES, Eufónic and LOOM festivals to talk about their position and the situation of this format of festivals in the city.

The programming of Casa MUTEK x Reebok ends on Friday 6 with the Q&A with Sherelle (UK) interviewed by Pau Cristòful; Resident Advisor presents The recent rise of queer culture in Barcelona with ISAbella (Mistress), Joss Jaycoff (advoatce for LGBTQ rights), Alex Nikolov (LOOM) as participants and Elo (Maricas collective) as moderator.

Every day from 7pm to 8pm Casa MUTEK x Reebok will host the MUTEK Networking a meeting point to create synergies among all festival goers before moving on to the X/Visions, Ambient and Nocturne programs.

MUTEK ES Symposium: interconnectivity and empowerment

Inspired by the success of the AMPLIFY program, created by the British Council in partnership with the MUTEK festival and Somerset House Studios and fruit of the Symposium: Keychange :: Amplify at MUTEK Montreal 2018, the MUTEK.ES platform kicks off this new decade by taking another step in the Global commitment of the MUTEK network to contribute to the empowerment of creators in digital arts and electronic music, and to visualize marginalized creative scenes, presenting the first edition of the MUTEKES Symposium: interconnectivity and empowerment' on Tuesday, March 3 and Wednesday 4 March at Casa MUTEK x Reebok, as an encounter outside the festival program.

On the other hand, the platform places special focus on training and interconnectivity, commissioning artistic residences and promoting institutional synergies that contribute to the professionalization and interaction between local and international artists participating in each edition, encouraging, thus, the exchange of knowledge.

Two days that bring together a large group of participants, cultural and institutional representatives, to illuminate and promote cultural change in terms of diversity, inclusion and gender equality in creative industries, among which stand out Ludovic Assemat (Director Department of Arts British Council Spain), Gaia Lucilla Danese (Consul General of Italy in Barcelona), City Council of Barcelona, ​​Anna Mastrolitto (She´s in Control), Laetitia Deering (Annex Agency, UK), Ryan Miller (Resident Advisor), Ivone Lesan (MIM & Primavera Sound), Rosana Corbacho (MI Therapy), Carmen Zapata (MIM), Pat Quinteiro (Shesaidso.Spain), Natalia San Juan (FEMNØIS), Patti Schmidt (AMPLIFY Canada), Valeria Zamparolo and Milena Pafundi (AMPLIFY, Argentina) and Rosa Pérez (Fluid Rosa_RNE).


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