MUTEK Montreal 2019: Play Series

A program for unfettered imaginations

June 14, 2019
MUTEK Montreal 2019: Play Series

Play takes place at Agora Hydro-Québec from Thursday to Saturday, gathering the esoteric, visceral and playful iterations of contemporary electronic sound and audiovisual works.

Play 1: 

August 22, 2019 — from 9pm to 12am
Joining the absorbing, complexly textured abstract creations of master Jan Jelinek on Thursday night, and the dubbed-out pop of Gudrun Gut, Vancouver duo Jonathan Scherk & Daniel Majer also explore rich, delicate, wobbly sound worlds, with more artists still to be announced.
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Nelly-Eve Rajotte 

Play 2

August 23, 2019 — from 9pm to 12am
Audiovisual expressions run through with themes of the natural world dominate Friday with new works by Hugues Clément, whose The Colour of the Rain paints vibrant strokes of organic imagery into a reverie of sound and image, Nelly-Eve Rajotte presents Rückenfigur, an A/V work  inspired by romanticism and the chalk cliffs of Rügen, a German island in the Baltic Sea, Kathy Hinde draws field recordings and electronics into an audiovisual conversation underwritten by ecological concepts for Twittering Machines, Black Seas by Steve Bates & Michaela Grill is a visual and auditory hallucination drawing from horror literature and film, cognitive science, philosophy, mysticism, and telecommunications, and Joni Void & Sonya Stefan perform Mise en Abyme, a visual performance of Void’s album in which both artists are equipped with digital and 16mm film projectors, crystals, water and other objects to refract and effect the film into abstract visuals and organic textures.
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Play 3

August 24, 2019 — from 9pm to 12am
On Saturday night obsolete technologies spring to life with Akiko Nakayama’s Alive Painting, which explores her techniques with a projector, Stephanie Castonguay performs Scanner Me, Darkly in which she hacks digital scanners to affecting ends, the Ensemble d'oscillateurs conducted by Nicolas Bernier animate compositions by early and contemporary composers using only oscillators, Montréal-based Quan introduces his bespoke Quanalog modular system and Ben Shemie frontman for Suuns, presents a new solo performance that mixes voice with feedback and texture.
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Ensemble d'oscillateurs dirigé par Nicolas Bernier — © Thomas P. Rivolas


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