Conceived as a complimentary event to the MUTEK festival, MUTEK_IMG is a forum for the digital creation milieu, placing an emphasis on visual creation and rallying both artists and professionals.

Designed more as a laboratory than a conference, MUTEK_IMG allows participants to catch up with their peers’ practices, to extend their professional network and to experience the most innovative and inspiring technological tools and practices in the field of digital creativity. The event comprises a diversity of activities, including presentations, workshops, panels, artist discussions and even performances and exhibitions.

Some of the topics explored within the previous editions of MUTEK_IMG are: digital art in the public space, video scenography, VJing, mapping, hacking and alternative networks, interactive media art, data visualization, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Past Events

MUTEK_IMG 4 | April 11-13, 2018

The 4th edition of MUTEK_IMG, took place April 11-13 at the Phi Centre, as part of the official program of the Digital Spring and in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut. Aiming to strengthen the leadership of Montréal as a nerve centre of digital creativity, contributing to its development and its influence by the promotion of its culture, its creators and the activation of local and international collaborations.

At the core of the event lied a conference program with panels, workshops and case studies presented in collaboration with several partners such as the digital art magazine HOLO, exploring a panoply of themes, including:

• Immersive experiences: audiovisual performance, digital scenography, interactive installation, projection mapping, virtual and augmented realityCritical issues in digital culture: artificial intelligence, big data, the deep web, 
• digital privacy, post-truth media, blurring the virtual and physical worlds, digital policies
• Visions of the future: prototyping tomorrow with art and design, human-machine choreographies, emerging storytelling tools, automated tools for creation and new digital aesthetics

MUTEK_IMG 4 website
MUTEK_IMG 4 photo album
Videos of the panels and presentations
Creative Applications article

MUTEK_IMG 3 | November 9 - 13, 2016

For its 3rd edition, MUTEK_IMG presented Mixed Realities, featuring free programs on topics as varied as stage and video scenographywearable technologiessound spatialization technology and practices, and the distribution and sale of digital visual objects. Artists and professionals in the field of digital creation were invited to connect with high profile local, Canadian and international speakers during conferences, discussions and networking activities.
At the core of MUTEK_IMG was the 3rd edition of the VR SALON. Intended for those who seek to create in VR and AR or understand this fast moving medium, it offered comprehensive conferences and networking opportunities as well as an exhibition of over 30 works. Part of a week bursting with VR activities – including workshops and exhibitions by our partners RIDM/DCM, SODEC, and Phi Centre – the VR SALON was conceived as a point of convergence and exchange for creators from Montréal and abroad.

MUTEK_IMG 3 website
VR SALON 3 video capsules by Le Lien Multimedia. 

MUTEK_IMG 2 | October 1 - 3, 2015

The second edition of MUTEK_IMG was presented in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Montréal and the Phi Centre. Its centrepiece was Virtual Reality with the first edition of the VR Salon, which was developed with Mediabiz International and presented in collaboration with RPM. The program also embraced other innovative formats of creation and intervention, like mapping, hacking, interactive art, and digital art in the public space. Additional activities focused on the topic of identity surveillance and alternative networks.

The 2015 edition’s content partners included Eastern Bloc, the Quartier des spectacles and the National Film Board of Canada.

MUTEK_IMG 2015 website
MUTEK_IMG 2015 wrap
MUTEK_IMG 2015 conference videos

MUTEK_IMG 1 | November 21 - 23, 2013

The first edition of MUTEK_IMG was presented at the Phi Centre and proposed various presentation and discussion activities, 5@7 networking events, as well as screenings and audiovisual performances. With the participation of content partners such as Moment Factory, Autodesk, and Hexagram, the practices covered included VJing, scenography, digital art in the urban space, and audio-visual performance.

MUTEK_IMG 2013 website
MUTEK_IMG 2013 wrap
MUTEK_IMG 2013 conference videos


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