A digital technology and music symposium, artist Q&As, panels, presentations, workshops and showrooms

Always open to the public as part of the festival’s free daytime program, DIGI LAB is a gathering that explores the links between creativity, whether it be musical, technological or philosophical, in a discursive and inviting context. It offers opportunities to hear directly from artists and creators, inventors, technologists and industry professionals with the aim of demystifying practices and connecting audiences with stories of personal careers, creation and insight, while providing an outlet for the larger issues facing our community and strengthening the links between festival goers and artists. Combining workshops, presentations, showrooms, panels, meetings and onstage interviews DIGI LAB is a rich mixture of events that cater to the experienced professional, the emerging artist, and the curious observer.

This mediation part has been an important component of MUTEK for several years and it allows its public, well informed or not, to familiarized itself with the programmed artists approach, to learn about new trends in the field, but as well, for artists, professional or not, to strengthen their understanding of the new technologies.

Our technological partners represent the cutting edge of new software, instruments and methods and their products are synonymous with the birth of electronic music and audiovisual practices. 

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