A Side Man 5000 Adventure

For the last few years, artist, avid technologist and educator Darsha Hewitt has been working with the Side Man 5000, the world’s oldest commercially available drum machine. The Wurlitzer Side Man is a very rare machine - it was made in 1959, has moving parts, weighs 38kg, and is seldom seen or heard. Darsha has created artwork that demystifies the inner workings of this machine and invites the public to step inside its world of shimmering vacuum tubes, charged electrons and high-voltage oscillations.

Following a showing of clips from A Side Man 5000 Adventure, a series of experimental educational videos that she produced, which take the audience on a journey through a jungle of obscure circuitry and musings on ancient technology and planned obsolescence, she  will be joined by Professor Jonathan Sterne to discuss her interest in reviving this ancient electronic musical instrument and what the past can contribute to future creation.

This FREE activity will take place in English and French and will be broadcast live from the Phi Centre on our website in the STREAMING section.

October 03, 2015 17:00 - 18:00
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