The Side Man 5000 is the world’s oldest commercially available drum machine. It generates very unique rhythms and beats that fuse Grandpa techno with sci-fi ballroom dance music. The Side Man is a very rare machine - it was made in 1959 and has moving parts! The ones that are remaining are often in serious states disrepair or they are trapped inside a museum display not being played. But, things are different at The Side Man 5000 Sample Salon! During this hands-on workshop participants are invited to experiment with the machine and make samples of it so they can integrate its one-of-a-kind sounds into their own electronic music. An expert operator/service technician will accompany this historically significant machine to insure it is in working order and to explain the basics of sound synthesis and vacuum tube technology using serious test equipment such as an oscilloscope and a multi-meter. 

This is a workshop geared towards electronic music makers/geeks, sound artists, electronics enthusiast, people that like old machines and curious people in general – no previous experience is required.  Some basic recording equipment will be available on-site but, if you have a favorite interface, recording device or mic, bring it along!

The exhibition is part of Common Space? presented by the National Film Board of Canada, the Quartier des spectacles Partnership and MUTEK in various public spaces in the Quartier des spectacles from October 1 to 18.  Born of a creative process exploring humanity at the heart of technology, it combines the talents of 13 artists from 7 countries.  Common Space? is the first leg of the Human Futures : Shared Memories and Visions international journey.
Common Space?
Human Futures

This FREE activity will take place in English and French.

October 04, 2015 13:00 - 16:00




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