MUTEKLIVE140 - Gaspar Peralta

MUTEKLIVE140 - Gaspar Peralta

September 14, 2017

MUTEKLIVE140 - Gaspar Peralta

Live @ MUTEK Mexico 2016

Saturday October 22, 2016 - Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos (FMCC2)
Mastered by Pure-evilness

WHO: Tijuana sound designer, composer and pianist Gaspar Peralta.
STYLE: Intelligent mix between improvisation and composition: whatever happens in that in-between of electronic experimental music and contemporary chamber music.
LATEST WORK: Prontuario Sosiego Miríada (2016).

Pianist, Composer and Sound Artist, His work is developed through different sound creation exercises; Free improvisation, electronic music, composition and sound installation. As an instrumentalist he specializes in the interpretation of polyphonic works and contemporary music.

Hailing from Baja California, Gaspar is a classically trained musician with a deep understanding of dynamics of his instrument, the piano. In the last couple of years, Gaspar has been keen to the leaps in between the traditional approach of the acoustic elements, to the possibilities of processed electronics in its own soundscape and even pushing forward of the avantgarde explorations of the prepared piano.

The result is the atemporal, timeless sound of contemporary music which synthesizes in the first official release of a promising young career.


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