Opening Note: MUTEK ES Symposium: Interconnectivity and Empowerment

(2020-03-03) Opening Note: MUTEK ES Symposium

Casa MUTEK x Reebok

Digi Lab

Welcome and introduction by Pat Quinteiro, spokesperson of MUTEK ES and coordinator of the first edition of the ‘MUTEK ES Symposium’, focused on INTERCONECTIVITY as an EMPOWERMENT tool for creative women to drive a change in the music and digital arts industry.

MUTEK ES Symposium is a reflection of the foundational values ​​of the platform focused primarily to promote equity, equal opportunities and diversity, both through the exhibition and participation of creative projects in the different programs of the festival, and secondly by providing also special sensitivity towards artists and projects that make marginalized creative scenes and / or bold new art forms visible.

Objectives of the MUTEK ES Symposium

1- Promote INTERCONECTIVITY between projects that promote policies, strategies and values ​​based on parity and equal opportunities between women and artists of marginalized creative scenes, so that they can develop their artistic insight and professional acumen, ultimately, becoming reference to the success of the empowerment in the industry. 

2- VISIBILITY through the concerns and points of view of the speakers, the different roles in the industry and how they promote spaces for exhibition, training and internationalization.

3- Reflect on how governments and institutions can and should promote these cultural changes based on the social and cultural capital offered by different networks and groups of (virtual and real) women, who project and develop their creative and action space , creating visibility platforms and professional projection between them. And analyze if these are up to their objectives and needs and what challenges their transversal policies must assume to achieve them.

4- VISIBILITY institutions and groups that are already pushing the change of social and cultural norms through collaborative work (through public funds, interaction between institutions, sharing values ​​...) and value those that promote INTERCONECTIVITY as a tool for empowerment in alliance with MUTEK.

March 03, 2020 11:00 - 11:25

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