Festival Inauguration: Sculpted with Light & Sound

(2020-03-04) Festival Inauguration

Roca Barcelona Gallery


Digi Lab

After the success of 2019, Roca and MUTEK.ES strengthen their union by presenting the global cycle of 3 events in Barcelona, Madrid and London: Sculpted with Light & Sound. The series explores how the limits and material possibilities of sound and light not only condition our perception of space, but create new spaces.
Roca Barcelona Gallery will host the official Inauguration of the festival, with the opening and presentation of Nicolas Bernier´s Frequencies (light quanta) installation.
Sebastián Mealla, CEO of the interactive lighting design and creation company Protopixel, based in Barcelona and Berlin, and a MUTEK collaborator, will talk with Bernier about his installation and the inspirations around architecture and design in his works.
March 04, 2020 20:00 - 22:30

€10.00 in advance (tx & sc included)

Presenting Partners
  • Roca

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