Models of Export: When City Festivals Go Global

(2017-08-25) Models of Export: When City Festivals Go Global

Cabaret du 4e (4th floor)


Once tethered to their founding cities, electronic and digital arts festivals have been increasingly roaming the globe, imprinting their brand, expressing their curatorial signatures and in some cases, leaving infrastructure and know-how behind in order to create a permanent network. This panel features festivals who have in their various and particular ways, left home and left their marks around the world. How do these city festivals model themselves abroad? What are their philosophies and intentions — are they containers or contents, or both? Are they sustainable models of export, meant to establish new nodes in new places, or temporal events meant to draw audiences back to their home base? 

August 25, 2017 16:00 - 17:15
Free / RSVP required
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