COMPOSITE #2: A forum for digital creativity

(2015-12-08) COMPOSITE #2

The Conseil des arts de Montréal seeks to give rise to connections and cross-pollination between creators, artists' centres, organizations, businesses, and professionals operating within the digital milieu. The goal: to inspire, inspire... and inspire!
The COMPOSITE events invite digital artists and entrepreneurs to share their projects and concepts – both completed and in development – all within a short and creative format.

Here are the confirmed innovative projects selected for this 2nd edition: 

► VR Valley Network - Frédéric Guarino
The VR Valley Network’s goal is to leverage Montréal’s assets to establish our city as a nexus and hub for VR creation. The objective is to interconnect the world-class talent pools in 3D/CG, video game and software development and to foster&nurture revenue-generating cross-sector projects. 
Learn more about the project here.
VR Valley Network founder, VR explorer, Frédéric Guarino is working to make Montréal into a world-leading center in VR. He’s also an amateur historian of the arts&culture economy.   

► The Library at Night presented by Steve Blanchet - Creative Director and ideation, Ex Machina.
Inspired by Alberto Manguel’s work, The Library at Night offers visitors a museum-like, design-based and virtual immersion experience. Ex Machina offers a personalized scenography with 10 libraries, real or imagined, from Sarajevo to Mexico and from Alexandria to the bottom of the sea on board the Nautilus, by means of virtual reality.
Learn more about the project here.
Steve Blanchet has been working with Robert Lepage since 2005 with the creation of the architectural projection The Image Mill. Recently he contributed to the creation of 887, Robert Lepage's most recent solo show, and The library at night, an immersive exhibition using virtual reality.

► Deprogrammed presented by Mia Donovan - Film director, EyeSteelFilm and Mathieu Léger - Artistic Director and designer, Dpt.
Deprogrammed is an interactive experience that invites the visitor to step into the mindset of individuals who were indoctrinated into cults or extremist groups.  Deprogrammed explores three characters; a former member of the Unification Church, a former jihadist and a former Neo-Nazi skinhead.  What is revealed through their personal stories is how similar all three members of these radically different ideological groups were at the time of their recruitment. These similarities draw attention to a universal need to belong and the youthful idealism of creating a utopia, however subjective that may be.
Learn more about the project here.
Mia Donovan is a documentary filmmaker working with Eyesteelfilm in Montreal, she is currently in production with her third feature-documentary. Deprogrammed is Donovan’s first interactive project and it is inspired by her recent feature-documentary of the same title Deprogrammed (2015).  
Mathieu Léger studied visual arts in France at  l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and obtained his masters degree at l’Université de Rennes. Following his studies, he taught at l'Atelier Guist'hau Rollin, an arts and visual communication school in Nantes, France. Since moving to Montreal in 2008, he has been working in artistic conception and direction and in graphic design on projects as varied as publicity campaigns, music videos, short films, interactive web, and installations. Since joining Dpt. in 2011, he has contributed this interdisciplinary approach towards the conception and execution of creative projects for the NFB, Place Des Arts, l’Agence De l’Efficacité Énergétique, Couche-tard, Warner Music, Ubisoft, MUTEK festival and Chromatic.  Most of the projects that he has worked on have gone on to garner recognition and awards such as: Boomerang, FWA, Créa, Lux, Shortlist Vimeo Awards, Applied Art, and Grafika.

► Enemy presented by Marie-Pier Gauthier - Producer, NFB and Nicolas Roy - Creative Director, Dpt.
An immersive experience through a VR device or mobile app that allows users to confront their own notions of "enemy" and "empathy" and to deepen their knowledge of the long-standing conflicts of our time. A Coproduction France Télévisions, Caméra Lucida, ONF and Dpt.
Watch a video here.
Marie-Pier Gauthier is an Interim Producer with the National Film Board of Canada’s Interactive Studio.  For the last four years, she has held the position of Production Manager.  As such, she contributes to all of the projects created by this veritable storytelling laboratory; be it web documentaries, interactive installations for public spaces, interactive essays, or storytelling gaming. A graduate of l’Institut National de l’Image et du Son, both in interactive production and journalism, she has spent the last 10 years focused on producing projects from innovative artists, and on the intersection of disciplines.
Nicolas S. Roy is a founder and creative director at Dpt., a digital creative studio.       
His multidisciplinary approach, combining creative direction, coding and design has led him to work on several large interactive productions for clients such as the NFB, CBC and MUTEK Festival. His work focuses on finding innovative ways to infuse meaning and storytelling into interactive projects.
His work on has been recognized internationally, among others by One Show, Webby, Applied Arts Interactive, Communication Arts, Geminis and FWA awards.

► From Montréal to other world cities: New international markets for our studios presented by Fady Atallah - Co-founder, Head of Development, Infinite City.
How can we approach international cities looking to emulate the urban performances and installations that have premiered in Montréal? We share some of the conclusions of our market study for the audience to get a better insight how these cities are shaping up to be destinations for our studios’ craft.
Learn more about the project here.

► Studio XX - Electronic arts for families presented by Stéphanie Lagueux, coordinator, Studio XX.
Inspired by the "Coding goûters," the Electronic Arts for families project brings together children and their parents to have fun to program and design artworks in electronic arts with artists. The activity is free in exchange for a contribution to a shared snack! All projects will be presented at Studio XX in March 2016.
Learn more about the project here.
Stéphanie Lagueux has webmistress and director of the archives at Studio XX since 20012. Digital artist and educator, she is fascinated by the unexpected possibilities when interactivity and play collide in the process of art-making.

 Fonfon interactif : de la découverte à la création, à petits pas - Prune Lieutier, cofondatrice - La boîte à pitons
Fonfon interactive is an adaptation of a series of children’s books published by Fonfon. These tablet applications offer an enriched book, including animations, sound effects, prerecorded narration and interactions, and a creation platform, allowing users to create their own stories by choosing  visuals, recording their voices, and add text.
Learn more about the project here.
La boîte à pitons is a young Montreal-based company that designs, develops and markets interactive digital experiences that entertain and enrich young audiences, their parents and their teachers.

► Sporobole's sound window: sound art in the public space presented by Philippe-Aubert Gauthier - Director, Sporobole.
Summer 2013, the sound window (''vitrine sonore'') of Sporobole was created for the event Espace Im Média in Sherbrooke. The sound window is a permanent outdoor system used for the presentation of spatialized sound art. The creation of the system and the future of the sound window will be discussed.
Learn more about the project here. Watch a video.
Philippe-Aubert Gauthier is a junior mechanical engineer, M.Sc., Ph.D. in acoustics, and a sound and digital artist. He is the president of Sporobole.

► Augustin presented by Cynthia Naggar. 
Augustin is a mobile application, which allows to share “memory songs” in geolocalization.  The application aims to be above all participative; each of the users can share and mark memories on the map. It’s also possible to explore, with a search engine or with push notifications, songs, artists or places. A pleasant and nostalgic way of discovering uncommon places all around the world!     
Learn more about the project here. Watch a video here.
Montreal emerging artist, Cynthia Naggar refines herself in digital art. Always pushing boundaries of her art, she innovates into public interactivity using video, sound and electronics. A process which stays minimalist, but that somewhat questions the public about their presence in space and in the time they occupy.

► Geospatial information as source for creativity presented by Nicolas Delffon - Anagraph.
The volume of data generated through social networks or connected objects is growing. It is said that 80% of them are composed of a geospatial reference. The presentation will demonstrate some applications using the XYZ information in the cultural environnment, for creators , the public or the event handlers.
Learn more about the project here.
Nicolas Delffon is computer scientist and urban planner by training. He has worked for 10 years in the field of geomatics. In 2015, he created Anagraph, a company specialized in location-based services.

Video of Composite #1 during MUTEK_IMG @ Phi Centre.



Snacks and drinks.

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6.00pm – 8.00pm - Presentations
8.00pm – 9.00pm - Networking

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December 08, 2015 17:30 - 21:00

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