Modular synthesis and the Shared System Series

(2014-05-29) Modular synthesis and the Shared System Series

The Shared System is a modular synthesizer that was sent to five different artists to record 2 live tracks with. Make Noise founder and lead designer Tony Rolando will talk about these recordings and showcase the modules that make up the Shared System, including some new patch tips. Interwoven into this presentation will be an introduction to modular synthesis and the story of Make Noise with Kelly Kelbel. Join Make Noise again on Friday at Moog Audio for a hands on demo of their new modules, the Erbe-Verb (Voltage Controlled DSP Reverb) and Mysteron (Voltage Controlled Digital Waveguide).

May 29, 2014 13:00 - 15:00
Collaborating Partners
  • Makenoise
Venue Partners
  • Moog_audio

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