MUTEK Montréal, Festival 2014: EM15

(2014-05-26) MUTEK Montréal, Festival 2014

To celebrate their 15th anniversaries, MUTEK an ELEKTRA (a Montréal institution on the more academic side of things) joined forces this year for one big blowout.  EM15 good mix of full-on raves, more intimate audiovisual events and comprehensive daytime conference. Dig deeper, though, and it seemed like the festival’s emphasis had shifted slightly. Where MUTEK is all about the possibilities of performing electronic music live, their collaboration with ELEKTRA emphasized installation art and navigation of communities and spaces.

International Artists: Archie Pelago, Audion, Ben Frost, Demas, Dinos Chapman, Donato Dozzy, Durian Brothers, Elektro Guzzi, Fluxion, Harmonious Thelonious, Heatsick, Holly Herndon, Intercity-Express & Synichi Yamamoto, Jason Corder, Jonas Reinhardt, JTC, Kangding Ray, Lee Bannon, Lucrecia Dalt, Magic Mountain High, Mantra Percussion, Max Cooper, Max Lauderbauer & Ricardo Villalobos, Move D, Neel, Nicolas Jaar, Nonotak, Oneohtrix Point Never, Paul Prudence, Pinch, Rashad Becker, Ricardo Villalobos, Robert Henke, Robert Lippok, Savan, Shackleton, Space Dimension Controller, Stefan Goldman, TM 404, Todor Todoroff & Laura Colmenares Guerra, Tom Trago, Voices from the Lake, Yosi Horikawa

Canadian Artists: Alicia Hush, Annuaire, Atheus, Automatisme, Baillat Cardell & fils, Bataille Solaire, Ben Nevile, Brille Brille, Chat Noir, Chris Hreno, Citofono, Diagraf, Egyptrixx, Ernesto Ferreryra, Ewerx, Fake Electronics, France Jobin, Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, Herman Kolgen, Hooli, Hugues Clément, Iron Galaxy, Jean-Sébastien Truchy & Charles Barabé, Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Grischa Lichtenberger, Johnny Ranger, Knowing Looks, Le fruit vert, Leon Louder, Magnanime, Marc Houle, Marie Davidson, Markus Floats, Mateo Murphy, Matt Thibideau & Markus Heckmann, Matthew Biederman & 4 x, Matthew Hawtin, Metametric & Maotik, Mike Shannon, Millimetrik, Mossa, Nicolas Bernier & Martin Messier, Nokami, Ohm Hourani, P.E.A./Projet Électro-Acrylique, Prison Garde, Processor, Richie Hawtin, Santoz, Sapin, Secret Pyramid, Segue, Stephen Beaupré, Swack, The Mole, This Is Not Design (TiND), Tim Hecker, Velvet Glacier, Wndfrm, Woulg, Xavier Lebuis, Xavier Leon.

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Resident Advisor (UK)

Exclaim (CA)

The Creator Project 

May 26, 2014 00:58 - June 01, 2014 00:59


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