Connecting Cities - The Smart City

(2014-05-27) Connecting Cities - The Smart City

Phi Centre


After having been recognized in January as one of the 21 smart cities of 2014 (a title given by the Intelligent Community Forum in New York City), the City of Montréal has fortified its intentions to join the worldwide league of Smart Cities by opening a Bureau de la Ville intelligente et numérique (Office for the Smart and Digital City).
From the setup of ubiquitous sensor networks, to the open data movement, to the mass of mobile applications that offer new services to citizens, many efforts are deployed to make our urban life more transparent, efficient and pleasant. But with such a focus on technologizing city life, how do smart city concepts integrate with the human experience and allow for playfulness, excitement and joy.

This panel discusses the role of digital art and culture in the Smart City game plan of cities like Montréal and aims at getting inspiration from urban initiatives from around the world, including Montréal’s Urban Digital Laboratory, Mexico City’s Laboratorio para la Ciudad, Grey Area’s Data Canvas project in San Francisco and the Smart Aarhus initiative in Denmark.

Panel participants:
Philippe Huneault, Founding partner, Mayfair Strategic Consulting Montréal (CA)
René Barsalo, digital experiences designer, Réalisation Inc. Montréal (CA)
Mikaël Charpin, Director of the Lightning Plan at Quartier des spectacles Partnership (CA)
Mario Ballesteros, Director of Communications at Laboratorio para la Ciudad Mexico City (MX)
Josette Melchor, Executive Director & Founder of Gray Area Foundation San Francisco (US)

All symposium activities take place in English.

For more info visit the Connecting Cities page on EM15 here

May 27, 2014 15:00 - 17:00

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