HEARING THERE: An audio journey along St-Laurent Blvd

(2009-05-27) HEARING THERE: An audio journey along St-Laurent Blvd


Our experience of the city street is foremost visual. The layout of the commercial promenade is one that invites the eye to chart a course, one that reveals itself through a picture book of windows. HEARING THERE imagines the possibility of undermining this picture dominance of the visual field.

Through a set of site-specific audio pieces, the project directs the particpant to a series of storefronts along St. Laurent Blvd which are coupled with particluar audio tracks diffused through headphones. These clips are composed of sounds created from recordings of the objects and spaces visable from the street, and the experience is one of a new-found sensory entwining: to not merely see what's there, but to hear as well.


THE MAP [796kb] |  >> Download <<

THE AUDIO TRACKS [56MB] |  >> Download <<

May 27, 2009 09:30 - 09:30

St. Laurent Blvd
Montréal, Canada


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