EXTRA_MUROS: Using urban Montreal as a canvas

(2009-05-29) EXTRA_MUROS: Using urban Montreal as a canvas


MUTEK_10 inaugurates EXTRA_MUROS, a series of outdoor projects using urban Montreal as a canvas for play and projection

With this endeavor, MUTEK reaffirms its role as trampoline to propel visionary artists into the streets of the city and into the realm of new and uninitiated audiences, many of whom will see Montreal in a new light as a result.

This first tier of local and international talent invites you to see the city as a platform punctuated by their monumental creativity. Their work will be on display throughout the festival, from Montreal’s Old Port all the way up the Saint Laurent Boulevard’s annual sidewalk sale.

Installations run from Wednesday May 27 to Sunday May 31 - from dusk to 3 am


ANTIVJ is a visual collective that brings together a diverse mix of European artists who share a common interest in using light projections as an influence of human perception. Given the contrasting nature of their techniques and their individual work habits, AntiVJ specialize in installations and live performances that inflict a mix of projection techniques upon architectural structures .

For the occasion of MUTEK_10, the Old Port’s Conveyors’ Tower becomes the object of AntiVJ’s attention as they bring the structure back to life with arresting optical effects.

This project will be launched a day earlier than the festival - Tuesday May 26 at 9PM - in the presence of the artists JOANIE LEMERCIER and OLIVIER RATSI

Location: Conveyors' Tower, Quays of the Old Port of Montreal


MAKE OUT by Montreal’s RAFAEL LOZANO-HEMMER uses literally thousands of videos pulled from the Internet featuring couples gazing at each other. When a spectator passes in front of the installation, the couples begin their embrace . The kissing continues until the spectator leaves, and only then does the mass embrace end and the couples revert to awaiting their next unwitting witness. Nothing is more natural than setting MAKE OUT in the heart of the Red Light district!

MUTEK is very proud to finally present to Montreal the work of this master of monumental  interactivity, who has been very much in demand on the media-arts international scene for many years and too often absent from the city where he has chosen to keep his creative studio.

Location: 2-22 Sainte-Catherine East (corner of Saint-Laurent)


DISLOCK_ by Montreal’s DOMINIQUE T SKOLTZ is a series of small tableaus in which two dislocated bodies come together over a passage of time . One man, one woman, drawn to each other through sheer magnetism.  The unfolding imagery is arrhythmic, like irregular breathing, in the image of the bodies that compose the tableaus. Sequential photographic snapshots assure the temporal fragmentation of the action.

Polymorphic artist Dominique T Skoltz has collaborated for over ten years as a member of the duo SKOLTZ_KOLGEN . An intuitive creator, her corpus negotiates between intention and accident.

Location: Immeuble Cooper Building, 3981-3987 Saint-Laurent Blvd


First presented within the Biennale de Montréal, AMUSE 's THE GOOD CONSPIRACY is a co-creative event by MELISSA MONGIAT designed to infiltrate Montreal’s public space. Citizens are invited to discover elements of the conspiracy on public grounds and become conspirators themselves in the name of Good.

For MUTEK, EMMANUEL SÉVIGNY creates a video projection on the side of the 4040 Saint Laurent building and relays live messages sent in by web-users and cellphone-texters as well as giving information on the project’s numerous other sections.

Creative Team : Mélissat Mongiat / Daniel Canty / Amélie Bilodeau / Emmanuel Sévigny / Guillaume Sasseville / Kung Fu Numérik

Contribute to the conspiracy!

laconspirationdubien.com | twitter.com/inspireconspire | 514.933.BIEN

Location : 4040 Saint-Laurent Blvd

May 29, 2009 21:00 - May 30, 2009 03:00

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