A/VISIONS 3: High Voltage

(2009-05-29) A/VISIONS 3: High Voltage



Building on the first two A\VISION showcases, this Friday evening set delivers a line-up of artists whose main impulse is to capture currents of electricity and compose them into rhythm.

The detached, austere electric neuro-funk of Sheffield’s highly regarded SND gets the ball rolling, following up on their last MUTEK performance in 2002.  Audiences should note that the duo’s idea of performance is often scientific, static and abrasive, based on cycles of extreme repetition.

Following suit is the first of two appearances by Berlin’s Tobias Freund, who here appears alongside Max Loderbaur as the magnificent, enigmatic NSI , a duo whose adventurous spirit and vast musical knowledge allows them to experiment with electricity from perspectives that incorporate a broad swathe of influences, from industrial to European jazz and everything in between.  The performance will be complemented by the video work of JIMMY LAKATOS.

Finally, Montreal electricity-tamers ARTFICIEL take the stage for the world premiere of their new piece entitled “Power”, which creates its own lightning and pulls from those bright, fiery lights the brittle, halcyon sounds of power at its purest.

20h00 : SND
20h45 : NSI
21h45 : Artificiel

May 29, 2009 20:00 - 23:00

$25.00 at the door + tx & sc


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