(2006-06-02) NOCTURNE 3

Darling Foundry


Throughout the years, the MUTEK Festival has often been associated with a decidedly minimal electronic current.  While this narrow perspective doesn't capture the breadth of the festival, it is true that minimalists have always been well accommodated by MUTEK. The weekend program at MUTEK 2006 constitutes a return of sorts towards that view, allowing a restoration of form while at the same time celebrating the diversity and creativity of a stream that is currently experiencing its best days, notably in Europe, and Berlin in particular, one of the epicentres of the phenomenon. 

The trajectory of the weekend begins by diving headfirst into minimalist territory - total immersion - with a series of artistic proposals linked by a shared investigation into mood and texture.  The artists brought together here desire to remain relatively discreet to better highlight the fluid and floating character of their music, and profit from its incomparable mobility and effectiveness.

June 02, 2006 21:00 - June 03, 2006 03:00

Darling Foundry
745 Ottawa St.
Montréal, Canada


$22.50 at the door + tx & sc


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