(2006-06-04) NOCTURNE 5 (FINALE)

Darling Foundry


To bring the Festival's trajectory to an end, a beautiful landing at the hands of Berlin label ~scape, thanks to a program which illustrates some of the affinities and bonds developed between Berlin and Montreal - in particular during previous editions of MUTEK. 

As well as his work as an artist and as grand conductor for ~scape, Stefan Betke (Pole) has always been animated by a will for renewal, anxious to explore new threads, and in a more general way, to contribute to the evolution and the aesthetic advancement of an electronic scene which already owes him significant credit. Here, then, is a series of presentations, which make it possible to witness just how steadily the genre's unflagging course is maintained.

With a worldwide debut, the first live transposition of Mike Shannon's recent album for the ~scape label. Also being served: a show by Pole himself, accompanied by musicians for a new project which represented one of the highlights of MUTEK.MX's festival in Mexico, March 2006. Without forgetting the highly anticipated performances by Jan Jelinek and Deadbeat - unquestionably two artists who embody the label's high standards - we can expect two consummate performers who know how astonish.

June 04, 2006 21:00 - June 05, 2006 03:00

Darling Foundry
745 Ottawa St.
Montréal, Canada


$22.50 at the door + tx & sc


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