DE 9 | Transitions

(2005-10-22) DE 9 | Transitions

Station C



Jointly presented by MUTEK and Underground Legacy, this evening underlines Richie Hawtin’s new release, DE9: Transitions. With the use of new recording advances and automation techniques, Hawtin uses his new found freedom to expose a new area of the mix, that of the 'transition'. DE9: Transition has been from start to end, constructed, and composed to be a completely immersive experience, allowing the listener, to get further into the heart of it all...and this time, even closer to the edit. The evening will also feature the Canadian Premiere solo live performance of one of Hawtin’s new protégé, Marc Houle, the pushing force behind Run Stop Restore (now a trio with Magda and Troy Pierce), an up-and-coming artist gaining world-wide recognition for his melodic minimal grooved-up techno. Neo-Montrealer Ernesto Ferreyra, from Argentina, will open the night.

October 22, 2005 00:00 - 00:00

Station C
1450 Sainte-Catherine est
Montréal, Canada


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