(2005-06-03) NOCTURNE 3

Just for Laughs Museum


Broadening their horizons again, MUTEK presents the first “double program” of its history. This panoramic experience, offering deliberately eclectic, unedited sonic exploits coupled with pulsating performances, reflects the true spirit of MUTEK and the current spectrum of electronic creation. Navigating between two rooms, you’ll notice each program deftly complimenting one another—enough to seduce even the most informed fans of exploration or those simply curious enough to let themselves drift into an atmosphere of new sensations!
ROOM 1 welcomes a program where improvisation benefits from new technological tools, promising an evening as rich in content as it is in surprises.
ROOM 2 hosts a deliberately multi-layered program that fits perfectly within this current period of change and hybridization: pop tainted with unusual sonorities, ambient melodies paired with distorted static, rock influenced by a synthetic dynamic. It seems these artists simply don’t respect boundaries, not even those of their own genres.
Prepare yourself to make some difficult choices!
June 03, 2005 21:00 - June 04, 2005 03:00

Just for Laughs Museum
2109 St-Laurent Blvd
Montréal, Canada


$27.50 at the door + tx & sc


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