(2004-06-04) WORKSHOP 3

McGill University Residence


Day Three - Dive Deep into Live

Guru- Deadbeat, Guest Artists: producer/DJ Mike Shannon, software developers David Viens and Sebastien Beaulieu from Plogue Arts et Technologie.

Wondering what is Ableton's "Live"? Not sure if you should attend? Check out what Ritchie Hawtin's had to say about Live:

"...a new piece of electronic music software specialised for live performance, which is definitely the most groundbreaking piece of software I've seen for the past decade."

Live exploded onto the scene in 2001, revolutionising audio software by introducing the concept of "The Sequencing Instrument", a real-time audio production solution that eliminates the boundaries between composition, performance, recording and sound design.

Rapidly winning more awards than a Tarantino flick, Live 3 builds and expands on Live's reputation as the ultimate live performance software that allows artists to remix tracks on the fly in studio or on stage. True electronic music improvisation in the tradition of jazz and freeform jamming that allows seamless interaction with other performers, musicians or DJs.

With it's unprecedented and innovative concept of elastic audio sequencing, Live lets you play, record, import, arrange, and process multiple audio samples, loops, phrases, or even entire tracks regardless of their pitch or tempo, all in real time while the music continues, with all audio remaining perfectly in-sync.

Not just a live performance tool, Live has been quickly embraced by studio musicians and post-production professionals because of the swiftness and ease with which they could sketch out musical ideas and edit them to perfection.

Live users include master film soundtrack composers Hans Zimmer ("Gladiator", "Black Hawk Down", "Thelma & Louise"), and Klaus Badelt ("K-19 The Widowmaker", "The Recruit,"), and world renowned artists including Charlie Clouser (9 Inch Nails), Ritchie Hawtin, Akufen, Mijk van Dijk, Mogwai, Sascha Wild, Taylor Deupree, Andreas Kauffelt, Chicks on Speed, Funkstörung, and Kirk Degiorgio.

What we'll cover:

Introduction and overview of the "Live" production environment including:

- User Interface Basics
- The Session View
- The Arrangement View
- Live's Mixer
- Using Live's Effects- Setting Clip Properties
- Time Warping Modes

Tutorials and Demos
Understanding Warp Markers
Launching Clips and Quantisation
Mastering the Session View
Animating Samples with Clip Envelopes
Using Clip Envelopes to Control Effects
Putting It All Together - Performing with Live
Editing Your Performance in the Arranger View

Bonus Session - Using Live with Plogue's "Bidule" software.
To round out the workshop and take you that much deeper into using Live in studio and on stage, David Viens and Sebastien Beaulieu from Plogue Arts et Technologie will demonstrate how to use their innovative software "Bidule" in conjunction with Live.

Bidule is a cross-platform application for music plugins, DSP, and MIDI that is gaining recognition world-wide as the new standard in modular music software. Bidule allows you to use virtual instruments (VSTi) such as those of Native Instruments seamlessly with Live.

June 04, 2004 09:00 - 17:00

McGill University Residence
3625, avenue du Parc
Montréal, Canada


$30.00 at the door + tx & sc


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