(2003-01-12) Micro_MUTEK.cl

Muelle Baron


Context: this evening was mounted to test the grounds and pertinence of a biannual MUTEK.CL project that we wish to implement and inaugurate in Chile in January 2004.

To realize this MICRO_MUTEK.CL, a part of the MUTEK team left Montreal for several weeks to lend a strong hand of support to our Chilean partners. After assisting with the fireworks of New Year's which are amongst the main attractions of Valparaiso, we started the final and most intense push in terms of production and promotion. Following a press conference orchestrated in Santiago, most of the national media - print, radio and national television - were sensitized and enthusiastically supportive of the initiative.

The day of, more than 2, 700 attended the MICRO_MUTEK making the event MUTEK's biggest success outside of Montreal (the GO MUTEK evening in Berlin in February 2002 attracted 1, 200 people). Many factors contributed to this success. The site was enchanting: a quay in the port of Valparaiso with a backdrop of views of the bays of Valparaiso, Vina del Mar, Renaca and a star studded ceiling for this evening that unfolded in the open air. An uncompromising sound system provided impeccable sound. A line up of extremely talented and generous artists: Atom Heart (Germany), Dandy Jack (Chile/Germany), Lucien Nicolet (Switzerland/Chile), Ricardo Villalobos (Chile/Germany), Rodrigo Castro_TEC (Chile), Andres Bucci (Chile), Miguel Tutera (Chile), Gabriel Vigliensoni (Chile), Mike Shannon (Canada), Vincent Lemieux (Canada), Miss Kitten (France), Philip Sherburne (USA). Sharing the idealism of the organizers all participated in the event graciously contributing their talents on a volunteer basis. Finally, an eclectic crowd composed of amongst the loveliest and warmest people to be found on the planet, attentive and involved, excited and exalted. These ingredients combined to create one of the most magic evenings of the like we've rarely had the chance to experience. Many people informed us that this was almost an historical event!

As things were, this first incursion of MUTEK in Chile was the most conclusive in demonstrating above all else that without a doubt there is a marked interest for this type of initiative. We will be enthusiastically pursuing our plans to mount the first edition of MUTEK.CL which, if all goes well, will be held from the 7th to 11th January 2004. For more detailed coverage of MICRO_MUTEK.CL we invite you to consult the description written by San Francisco journalist Philip Sherburne who was a member of the MUTEKienne delegation:

click here

This first MICRO_MUTEK.CL was made possible thanks to the exceptional devotion of the three members of the Chilean team who have believed in the project from the inception: Pol Taylor (architect/professor and co-producer of MUTEK.CL), Renato DeValle (photographer and co-producer of MUTEK.CL) and Rocio Venegas (sociologist and head of communications and institutional affairs of MUTEK.CL). MUTEK also thanks Christian Paquin (sound engineer, MUTEK.CL and MUTEK.CA) for his expertise and great generosity.

MICRO_MUTEK.CL was realized with the financial support of La fondation Daniel Langlois pour l'art, la science et la technologie (Canada), l'Office Québec-Amériques pour la Jeunesse, du Conseil des arts du Canada, du Goethe Institut (Santiago) and Swiss Music Export, in partnership with the Instituto Internacional para la Innovacion Tecnologica (Valparaiso), Departamento de Arquitectura UTFSM (Valparaiso), Puerto de Valparaiso, Sernatur V Region (Chili), Municipalidad de Valparaiso, Secretaria Ministerial de Gobierno de Chile, Blank:: Magazine (Chili), Radio Concierto, Element.cl, Mucca Restaurant, Astrocaglia Comunicaciones, El Toro Restaurant.

A special thanks goes out to all the artists who contributed to creating an exhilarating experience and an excited and generous public who returned our enthusiasm and embraced our Chilean project.

January 12, 2003 00:00 - 10:00

Muelle Baron
Port de Valparaiso
Valparaiso, Chile


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