(2003-11-09) ARCHI_TEXTURES (II)

Société des arts technologiques [SAT]


The second conceptual lab in the ARCHI_TEXTURES series will be an experiment in sound modulation. Montreal’s CHAMPION (Maxime Morin) will open the evening with their contorted granular syntheses, fluidly delivering a context for MUTEK_REC recording artists SKOLTZ_KOLGEN (dominique t skoltz and herman w kolgen), whose manipulation of unessential sounds, field recordings, and treated instrumentation will surely build to miasmic proportions. The unparalleled talents of TIM HECKER will bring the evening to an emotionally charged synthetic apex before Berlin’s RECHENZENTRUM take the stage to recreate the phantasmagoria of the senses only hinted at by their latest stellar album, The Director’s Cut (honorary mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2003), released on Mille Plateaux. This one is not to be missed!

November 09, 2003 01:00 - 04:00

Société des arts technologiques [SAT]
1201 Saint-Laurent Blvd, Montréal, QC H2X 2S6
Montréal, Canada

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