Vincent Lemieux

Vincent Lemieux (CA)

MUTEK 2014, bogota

Latora 4 Brazos

For almost a decade, Vincent Lemieux has played an integral role in Montreal’s internationally acclaimed 
dance-music community. Lemieux is man who wears many different hats: curator, label owner, DJ, 
producer, taste-maker… this is a man who has done it all and inflected every project in his association with 
an indelible personal style.
Internationally, Vince is probably best known as one of the curators behind Montreal’s MUTEK Festival. 
Since 2000, he has helped shape his hometown conception of progressive electronic music through the acts 
he brings to town. When not programming the festival, Lemieux hosts two of the most cutting-edge techno 
weeklies in the city. His long-running Tuesday night Salon Daomé, where he DJ’s alongside world-class 
talent, has become a staple in Montreal’s nightlife. Claude Von Stroke, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Zip, 
Sammy D, they’ve all graced the decks at Daomé courtesy of Vince.
As label owner of Musique Risquée, which he started with Akufen’s Marc Leclair, Lemieux is also 
responsible for fostering local and international talent. The label has released work by Atom TM, Akufen, 
Bruno Pronsatto, The Mole, Jichael Mackson, Guillaume & the Coutu-Dumonts, Philippe Cam, and others. 
Musique Risquée tracks have been featured on compilations by Crosstown Rebels, Tigersushi, Fabric, and 
Freud Am Tanzen. Vince has also spawned the city’s Soirée Risquée nights, now with over 30 incarnations, 
showcasing the label’s fine roster to enthusiastic fans.
Yet it is his work as a DJ that has caught the ears of the most listeners. Lemieux has toured the world as an 
ambassador for Montreal’s distinctive brand of micro-house. As the official MUTEK DJ, his sets have been a 
staple of festival showcase from China to Paris to Berlin and back. His DJing skills have found fervent 
followers all over the world, at events in Spain (Sonar), Mexico (MUTEK_MX), Chile (MUTEK_CL), and 
Argentina (MUTEK_AR).
Since 2005, Lemieux has been expanding into music production through collaborations with Guillaume 
Coutu-Dumont (as Flabbergast) and Stephen Beaupré (as Brandy Snifter). In the next year, focus will shift 
increasingly to recording music and moving into the one domain of electronic music he has yet to conquer.

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