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DJ Champion (aka Maxime Morin, Mad Max and Le Max) is addicted to chemistry. 'There's a magic that can happen when playing live techno, there's a sort of chemical reaction between the music and the dancers that brings the performer and the audience's a very human experience,' explains the DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist.Producing techno firmly built on a deep pulsating bass, DJ Champion's music finds its soul not in the perfection of the machine, nor in man's dominance over the machine, but in the imperfect interaction between machine, man and the human desire to communicate and share experience. It's the risk, vulnerability and potential of sharing an experience that attracts him to live performance.As a wee lad, Max's taste for musical experimentation was nurtured by his carpenter father who was an avid music fan who dabbled in the construction of musical instruments. A multi instrumentalist who started on piano at age four, Max also learned to play drums and guitar. This led to a teenage career as a local guitar god in rural Quebec and dreams of spandex clad world domination. Upon moving to Montreal and being exposed to the then seminal Montreal techno scene, the young DJ Champion who had become bored with the facile posing and trite and glorified star cult of the rock world, laid down his guitar and plugged in his Atari in '94.His first live performance as Mad Max in '95 at Foufounes Electrique's seminal Dimanches Techno resulted in a signing with Montreal based label Hybrid Structure and the release of a full length CD called 'Observation' under the name Mad Max Product that same year. This was followed by Mad Max Product live at.... which documented his powerful live performance capabilities and the recently released Squeaky Wheel full length.Interested in exploring the 12' format and the more experimental aspects of minimal techno, Max released his first 12', Boutique de Sexe on Haute Couture in 2000 under the name Le Max, his upcoming 12' release on Hautec as DJ Champion, further explores the rhythmic and sonic possibilities of minimal techno while retaining his essential dedication to creating intelligent music that moves mind, body and soul. 'The point is not to control people, it's about communion. Power trips are about wanting to control people and that's not the point. I can't make love to a girl I don't love, it's not interesting. The point is not to fuck someone the point is to make love with someone.' If you open your heart and ears to the sonic caresses of DJ Champion, you might just find love is just a (heart) beat away.


Société des arts technologiques [SAT]

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